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Small Claims & Litigation

When you are considering taking action on a dispute, it is important to contact a Paralegal
Firm quickly. In all cases, including small claims court. where the amount in question is $25,000 or less there is a time limit
to file a claim or respond to one.

At Persaud Paralegal Firm, we will take care of the details of your claim. If
there is a way to achieve a settlement out-of-court that is in your best
interest, we will find it. If litigation is the best course of action for you,
we will represent you with skill and dedication.

Our Firm has represented numerous individuals clients, and
small business owners before the Courts. Ranging from Civil Matters, Contracts Disputes,

Types of Small Claims Court Matters Include

* Property Damages,

* Contracts, Civil Disputes,

*Debt collections,

* Damages under $25,000

“When it’s a Matter of Importance”

Discuss your civil case today. 

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Justice for You


Let Persaud Paralegal Firm be the solution for your legal needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, our parlegal firm provide proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. We proudly serve Mississauga and Greater Toronto Area.

At Persaud Paralegal Firm, Our Firm helpls
advocate for both Landlord & Tenant Rights.


The Residential
Tenancies Act permits a landlord to terminate a tenancy early for several
reasons. In some situations, a landlord can evict a tenant. Most provisions for
early termination of tenancy provide a tenant the option of avoiding
termination by correcting the problem within a specific time frame

(non-payment of rent)

(persistent late payments)

(Undue Damage)

(Interference with the reasonable enjoyment or
lawful right of the landlord)


(Impairing safety)

Illegal act


Starting a tenancy

Rights and responsibilities


Entering the premises

Rent amounts

Ending a tenancy


Hearing at the Board


Criminal  Summary Convictions 

 A summary offence, also referred to as a summary conviction offence, is an offence which is resolved without a jury or indictment. It is a “less serious” offence versus its counterpart (an indictable offence) and is punishable by different sets of rules, regulations and lower sentencing guidelines.

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                                               TYPES OF summary conviction offences

Theft valued under $5,000, Section 322 & 334 Criminal Code of Canada
Possession of a weapon in public, Section 89 Criminal Code of Canada
Trespassing at night, Section 177 Criminal Code of Canada
Indecent telephone calls, Section 372 (2) Criminal Code of Canada
Harassing telephone calls, Section 372 (3)Criminal Code of Canada

Persons charged with a criminal offence are presumed innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. The Crown prosecutor must prove that an accused person is guilty. Accused persons do not have to show that they are innocent. Accused persons are entitled to know the case against them. 

Consult us Today if charged with a summary conviction offence.



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